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Gigi Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • On higher ground, HonorĂ© swans around, passing by all the pretty ladies.
  • He spots his target on the tennis courts, a young lady reservedly swinging her racket.
  • Madame Alvarez sees him once again, then goes back to her cross-stitch. Gigi, playing her own style of tennis, runs back and forth breathlessly.
  • HonorĂ© continues to watch his lady, who misses her ball (not even running to catch it). Her opponent bows in apology and offers another.
  • Gigi, OTOH, dives for her ball and falls instead on the court, laughing. Gaston rushes over the net to get her up, asking her to concentrate.
  • Get the point? Gigi's fun while the other women are boring.

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