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Gigi Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Gigi rushes up the stairs into her apartment to greet her Grandmama Madame Alvarez, explaining why she's late.
  • Grandmama reminds Gigi that it's Tuesday, and she's late for her lessons with Aunt Alicia.
  • She throws on a cape over her play-clothes and sits down while Grandmama brushes her hair.
  • Gigi asks for dancing lessons, but Grandmama says she won't make that mistake again. Gigi's mother took singing lessons and has been in "ridiculous little roles" ever since.
  • Gigi's mother is heard singing scales in the next room, and Grandmama closes the door to shut out the noise. She mentions a "delightful old gentleman with all those flour mills."
  • Gigi asks what she's talking about but Grandmama brushes her off, saying "When the time comes, you'll be ready."
  • "The time for what?" Gigi asks. It's time for her to go to her aunt's, so she leaves the apartment without an answer.

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