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Gigi Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Back from Trouville, Madame Alvarez rushes into Aunt Alicia's apartment. Alicia has serious news that she wouldn't tell her on the telephone.
  • Aunt Alicia's upset that Gigi has been gallivanting around with Gaston on the beach.
  • Madame Alvarez says that it was all innocent, but this doesn't satisfy her sister. Alicia tells her that as soon as Gaston returned to Paris, he cancelled all engagements and went off to Monte Carlo "for what they describe as an extended stay."
  • The two decide that if something romantic is to happen between Gigi and Gaston, the girl's lessons in the way of womanhood must be put on fast-forward.
  • Madame Alvarez, shocked that Gaston would be a suitor for Gigi, sinks into a chair while Aunt Alicia resolves to begin preparations in earnest.

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