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Gigi Scene 22

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Scene 22

Scene 22

  • Gigi, looking quite put together in a blouse and long skirt, is in the midst of getting lessons on tea service at Aunt Alicia's.
  • The older woman micromanages Gigi's gestures while the younger one looks exhausted and flustered until she drops the pitcher.
  • The scene dissolves to a wide shot of the parlor, where Aunt Alicia is instructing Gigi how to sit elegantly in a chair.
  • "Not like a marionette!" Aunt Alicia trills, as Gigi does an exaggerated impression of a proper lady.
  • Next, the two women are at the table where wine is being poured.
  • Gigi gulps hers in one go, and Aunt Alicia calls back her butler so that the glass can be refilled as the lesson in drinking gracefully continues. Gigi looks a little tipsy.
  • On the third glass, Aunt Alicia asks if she can "feel the perfume" of the wine.
  • Gigi confesses she can't, then goes on gulping and giggling as Aunt Alicia gets increasingly steamed.
  • Back in the parlor, Aunt Alicia demonstrates the evaluation of a cigar (just like Liane did for Gaston at Maxim's).
  • Gigi tries to do the same but snaps the cigar in half.
  • Finally, a fashion show is being conducted in the parlor, with Aunt Alicia, Gigi, and Madame Alvarez in attendance.
  • The model comes out in a variety of costume-y gowns and poses for the women so that they can evaluate the designs.
  • The ones Gigi likes, the older women don't, and vice-versa.
  • Aunt Alicia gets her way, and soon Gigi's dressed in a Pepto-Bismol pink gown that's way too big for her.

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