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Gigi Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • Dressed in plaids and her straw schoolgirl's hat, Gigi rushes into her apartment to greet her grandmother.
  • The clock strikes, and Gigi realizes she has to zoom back out to Aunt Alicia's for more lessons.
  • But when Gigi opens the door to leave, there's Gaston, looking refreshed and summery in a light gray suit.
  • Gaston has a present for Gigi, but by the time he turns to give it to her she's shut herself in her room.
  • He asks Madame Alvarez what's wrong with her. "Everything!" she replies.
  • The two move into the living room to talk about Monte Carlo. Gaston says it was—wait for it—boring.
  • Gaston opens Gigi's caramels to eat one and Madame Alvarez offers tea, the whole thing seeming just as congenial and cozy as ever.
  • Gaston sits in his chair eating candy when Gigi emerges in a grown-up white dress and sashays around playfully.
  • Gaston is furious, telling her she looks "like an organ grinder's monkey" and worse.
  • Gigi tells him that no one's ever said he had any taste in clothes.
  • Madame Alvarez is shocked at her behavior and tells her to apologize, but Gigi refuses.
  • Gaston leaves in a huff. He's always leaving in a huff.
  • Madame Alvarez asks why Gigi's behaving this way at such a critical time, but Gigi wonders why it matters how she talks to an old friend like Gaston.
  • As her grandmother goes to the kitchen, Gigi stares out the window smiling down at Gaston.
  • Gaston, standing beside his motorcar, is smiling too. He waves off the driver and climbs the stairs back to the apartment.
  • Just as Gaston's about to ring the bell, Gigi opens the door.
  • He makes amends, saying that he was a bit hasty and mean and that to apologize he'll take her to tea at Versailles.
  • Gigi accepts. Madame Alvarez is glad that the two have made amends but refuses to let her go.
  • Gaston and Gigi are confused, but Madame Alvarez sends Gigi to her room so that the two adults can talk in private.
  • Gigi leaves, and Gaston asks what's going on.
  • The two sit down, as Madame Alvarez explains that she's responsible for Gigi and that she can't be going around with Gaston like she's still a little girl. She's a young woman now, Madame Alvarez explains, and she has her reputation to consider.
  • Gaston's incredulous and upset, and the two argue.
  • Madame implies that if Gigi hung out with him on a casual basis, it wouldn't be respectable.
  • Gaston wonders what Madame's waiting for—to marry Gigi off to some poor plumber who will saddle her with kids and make her live in a shack?
  • He leaves in a huff (again), slamming the door behind him.

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