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Gigi Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • Gaston rushes down the stairs and takes his coat from his driver, asking him if he looks upset.
  • His driver says he does.
  • Gaston throws the coat back on the car and mutters to himself, walking down the street alone.
  • Walking through Paris he sings "Gaston's Soliloquy," a song mostly comprised at first of how Gigi is such a baby.
  • The the music changes to a slower pace, and Gaston sits down on a bench in front of a fountain, thinking about how polite she was at Trouville, how much fun it was to spend time with her, how she was never a bore.
  • "Sticky thumbs are all the fingers she has got," he sings. "Where her figure ought to be, it is not." She's just a child, unappealing and ignorant to the ways of womanhood.
  • Gaston leans against the pedestal of a grand bronze sculpture. "Of course…" he sings, "I must confess that in that brand new dress, she looked surprisingly mature…" He concedes that she was in fact looking pretty good.
  • He realizes that he can no longer think of her as a child, that she's blossomed.
  • A confused Gaston looks out into the middle-distance, registering this new epiphany.
  • Walking through the park, he begins to sing the title theme "Gigi," about her sudden transformation into womanhood. She's more graceful and more beautiful now, he was mistaken, he was a fool, Gigi's all grown up now, and he may very well be in love with her.
  • We get Gigi's life passing before his eyes in a montage of her looking adorable.
  • He walks back through the park in a trance not knowing what to do, exclaiming "Gigi!" again and again. He raises his fist in the air, as if in victory.
  • Back in the streets, he's running toward the camera happy and breathless, singing with the strength of his newfound love.
  • As he finishes his song, he finds himself back in the Alvarez courtyard.
  • Running back up the stairs to the Alvarez apartment once more, he rings the bell and Madame Alvarez answers the door.
  • Gaston tells her he has an important business matter to discuss with her.
  • The door closes.

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