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Gigi Scene 25

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Scene 25

Scene 25

  • Madame Alvarez sits in her sister's well-appointed bathroom as Aunt Alicia lathers up.
  • The two women discuss the terms of Gaston's proposition, including the housing and servants and whether or not Gigi would have an automobile with a driver. The lawyers will meet to draw up a contract.
  • Alicia asks whether Gigi knows that all of this is going on. No, but Gaston is planning on having dinner with her this evening.
  • Aunt Alicia, still in the tub, wants to make sure that Gigi understands that as Gaston's mistress she'll have a certain role to play.
  • Madame Alvarez insists that Gigi will be fine, that she won't be spoiled or act in an uncouth way.
  • Aunt Alicia asks her sister to make sure Gaston sends Gigi a present prior to their dinner and to let her know what it is.
  • Is Gigi being pimped out? Sure sounds like it.

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