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Gigi Scene 26

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Scene 26

Scene 26

  • Gigi sits on her bed in front of an open window, dressed in a grown-up blouse and skirt (which has its own web page, btw) and looking pensive and petting her cat.
  • Gaston's at the door; he's brought her flowers.
  • In a deliberately mature and calm way, she asks him to sit down.
  • Gaston watches her as she moves around the room gracefully.
  • "You know why I'm here," he says, as they sit down together. "Do you want to?"
  • She says she doesn't know what he wants from her, despite all of the financial arrangements her grandmother outlined for her.
  • Gaston says they don't have to discuss financial matters, only what she wants and doesn't want.
  • "They've pounded into my head that I'm backwards for my age but I know very well what all this means," she says sadly. That she'll have to move from her home and go away with him, that she'll have her photograph in the papers and be watched by society.
  • Gaston's shocked that she thinks about these kinds of things, and Gigi says it's all common knowledge—the women that he's jilted and who he's dumped.
  • She worries that she wouldn't be able to stand the scrutiny that she'd be under being with him, and that when it's over Gaston will go on being Gaston and Gigi will have to find some other dude to take care of her. It won't work.
  • Gaston looks sad as Gigi begins to cry, saying that it won't do.
  • He asks if it's that she doesn't like him, or something else.
  • She says she does but doesn't want things to change between them, just to spend a bit more time together.
  • Gaston says it would be lovely, but he's in love with her.
  • Gigi looks shocked and calls him a wicked man. Now that he's in love with her, he'll want to drag her into a difficult grownup life? That's not love.
  • Madame Alvarez emerges into the room wondering what's the matter.
  • Gaston's angry, saying that she and Aunt Alicia have taught Gigi all of the worst parts of being a woman and nothing of the beauty of love. He leaves both women crying. In a huff.

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