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Gigi Scene 27

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Scene 27

Scene 27

  • A perturbed Gaston walks into a cafe to meet his uncle Honoré, who's sitting at a table eating cheese. It's France.
  • Gaston walks around the table, complaining of how cruel and cold kids are these days.
  • Honoré offers him some cheese.
  • I envy you, Gaston tells him. It used to be different. You could just be a kind man and it was appreciated.
  • Honoré offers him salad.
  • Gaston complains that Gigi, a poor young woman with nothing to look forward to, should have taken his offer as a chance to better her life. Honoré looks amused.
  • Honoré's surprised to learn that Gigi has turned down Gaston, but when he's reminded that Gigi's grandmother is his old flame, he smiles and says that they're a strange family with ideas of their own.
  • "I negotiated with them once myself," the older man says, adding that once he strayed even the tiniest bit it was all over. He asks how Gaston reacted to the rejection, and when he learns he stormed off, he's pleased by his nephew's behavior.
  • He reminds Gaston that when she sends for him he shouldn't go to her; she's just trying to negotiate for better financial terms. Gaston has behaved perfectly.
  • Then Honoré gives the usual rejection speech, that clearly Gaston's too good for her and that he'll forget her in no time.
  • Gaston agrees to find a date and go out to Maxim's that night in order to move on.
  • Honoré turns back to his cheese, laughing and shaking his head, and begins to sing to the camera, "I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore."
  • He revels in the fact that he's left behind the insecurity and self-delusion of being a young lover.
  • Finishing his song, he dances from the cafe table and out onto the street, whistling.

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