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Gigi Scene 34

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Scene 34

Scene 34

  • Gaston drags a crying Gigi up the steps to her apartment as she asks what she's done wrong.
  • He rings the doorbell and Madame Alvarez opens the door in her robe. What's happened?
  • "Grandmama!" Gigi wails and runs into her arms.
  • Gaston walks determinedly down the steps out into the dark Paris streets.
  • What is with this guy?
  • He walks around the park, past that same fountain, as the music to "Gigi" plays in the background.
  • Then he turns and walks back toward Gigi's apartment, once more ascending the stairs.
  • The music swells and he rings the bell.
  • Inside, Madame Alvarez is consoling Gigi. She lets Gaston come in to explain himself.
  • With an earnest look, he asks for Gigi's hand in marriage.
  • Gigi smiles and Madame Alvarez sighs and says, Thank heaven. Cue HonorĂ©.

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