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Gigi Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Outside the Lachaille mansion, Gaston meets his uncle Honoré. When Gaston asks why he didn't come in, Honoré explains that Gaston's parents are really boring. Gaston agrees.
  • The two men get into a horse-drawn carriage, and Paris passes behind them as they chat.
  • Honoré asks why he didn't see him at a recent event and Gaston explains that he was having tea with Madame Alvarez, who knows Honoré from back in the day.
  • When Gaston asks where they're going, Honoré says they're going to a luncheon to meet up with his new young fling.
  • When Gaston scolds him, Honoré scolds his nephew back for being so uptight, saying, "Youth is the thing, Gaston! Youth!"
  • Gaston seems unconvinced. He's bored.
  • Together, the two break into "It's a Bore," with Honoré offering the sights and goings on of turn-of-the-century Paris, and Gaston singing about how dull everything is.
  • Gaston gets out of the carriage and leaves Honoré to his society luncheon. Too boring.

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