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Gigi Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • The scene fades to an older woman in a grand pink dress, looking out from a balcony. It's Aunt Alicia. Gigi rushes to the door in quite a kerfuffle.
  • Waiting at the door, Gigi uses spit to pat her hair into place.
  • Gigi greets Charles, the butler, and asks what they're having for lunch. Ortolan, he says, taking her coat and hat as she runs into the parlor.
  • Aunt Alicia and Gigi enter the dining room in order to practice the correct way to eat ortolan, "the exquisite little birds."
  • Gigi does her best to eat the bird, bones and all. She complains that her grandmother never lets her do anything with anyone, and Aunt Alicia supports her sister's decision: better to wait for something special, she says.
  • It's becoming clear that Gigi sure isn't being taught to be a wife.
  • Gigi finishes lunch, miserably chomping on those little bones. Ack.

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