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Gigi Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • For the next part of her lesson with Aunt Alicia, Gigi has to learn to identify several gemstones. After all, her aunt reminds her, she won't want to be duped like one particular woman who goes around wearing inferior "dipped" pearls, not realizing that this means her lover's just not that into her.
  • Aunt Alicia explains that the truly rich don't need to give extra-large gems, and that what's most important is that Gigi never wear anything "second-rate."
  • Done with the gemstone lesson, her aunt brings Gigi into the light, examining her mouth as if she were a horse. She checks out her body in general, saying that there's enough to work with.
  • Remind me to teach you about cigars, Aunt Alicia says, and Gigi's confused, because she doesn't smoke.
  • Aunt Alicia rolls her eyes, sighing, explaining: everything you learn, everything you do, is in the name of attracting the right kind of man and the right kind of love.
  • Gigi's totally exasperated. It's all ridiculous.

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