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Gigi Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Gigi watches Aunt Alicia flounce from the room, and begins to sing "The Parisians," a song about love, Parisian style. She just doesn't understand why Parisians are so preoccupied with love.
  • She moves from the lush gold settee of her aunt's parlor, to the sidewalks of the city, singing and tramping by sculptures and picturesque park sets. There just has to be more to life than running after love.
  • Gaston stops his carriage as he passes Gigi in the park and asks what she's doing.
  • She asks Gaston if he makes love all the time like all the Parisians. He laughs, saying the only people who make love all the time are liars.
  • Gigi says it's a shame that she missed his visit, because she could have beaten him at cards. Gaston warmly protests that she's a cheater, and invites her to the Ice Palace.
  • Gigi says she doesn't skate or drink, but Gaston insists, saying he'll buy her a sweet wine.
  • When Gigi finds out he'll be meeting his gf, Liane D'Exelmans, she says, hoo boy, no thanks, I've had enough about that kissy stuff for the day.
  • Gaston insists, pulling her into the carriage, saying, "Come along, before I spank you!"

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