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Gigi Love

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In Gigi's world of money and style and professional partying, it can often seem like love is the furthest thing from anybody's mind. But, you ask, didn't Gigi sing that it's all that's on everybody's mind? Good point. Let Shmoop explain.

It depends on what you mean by love. If love is a public display involving spending money, dressing to impress, flattering the ladies and gents and sleeping with a succession of them, then yes—Parisians are obsessed with love. But if you're talking about a more modern idea of love, like the kind with some human connection, then Gigi doesn't see much of it.

As Gaston's flitting about in his fancy clothes with his lovely mistress, he never so much as breaks a smile. Honoré's in it for the hunt. Alicia defines love as Italy, gardenias, and moonlit nights. For Mamita, love is probably a luxury—you can think about it wistfully, but the reality is that you need to find a rich guy to offer you a secure future.

It's up to Gigi to let everyone know what love really is. She holds out for the real deal, which is affection plus commitment plus caring about what your partner really wants. And she's the child in this film?

Questions About Love

  1. In what ways are Gigi's ideas about love influenced by her family, culture, and era?
  2. Is Aunt Alicia a wacky old maid, as Gaston seems to think? Or is she an appropriate teacher for showing Gigi the ways of love?
  3. What's the connection between personal transformation and romantic love in this film?
  4. What do you think Honoré would say about love, based on his own personal history? What bearing does his love history seem to have on his current life?

Chew on This

In Gigi's Paris, aligning yourself to a wealthy partner will bring you happiness faster than following your heart.

Even though it seems like Gaston and Gigi will live together happily ever after, the fact that Honoré is the happiest character in the film seems to suggest otherwise.

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