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Gladiator Fandoms

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Even though Gladiator came out in back when people were concerned about Y2K, plenty of people are making sure it sticks around in our cultural memory. After all, Gladiator may be old…but Ancient Rome is even older, and people are still talking about that whole shebang.

Naturally, someone's created a Gladiator fan club, which comes complete with updates about important information related to the film. In addition, there is also of course the obligatory wiki, which has entries on just about everything you can imagine.

And since Gladiator's all about ancient Rome, there are a lot of Rome-aphiles (not the official terms) who've felt compelled to weigh on the film's historical accuracy…or lack thereof. There's this guy. Oh, and let's not forget this one either. There's even a book published on the subject. And we're just scratching the surface: historical inaccuracies in a blockbuster + angry people on the internet = resources galore.

In addition to this stuff, there are assorted collectibles and costumes, such this Maximus-style helmet and this replica of Maximus' sword from the battle sequence in Germania.

These are a little pricey, so if you're looking for something a little more affordable check out stuff like this t shirt and this phone case.

In fact, you can probably find just about anything if you look hard enough. There was a dream that was Gladiator…and it's still alive and kicking when it comes to merchandise.

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