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Gladiator Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Quintus wakes Maximus, who almost stabs him. He says the emperor needs Maximus, and that it's urgent.
  • Maximus hurries towards the emperor's tent only to walk in on…Commodus. He tells Maximus to "lament" with him before telling him the details of Marcus Aurelius' death.
  • We know these details are a total lie, and Maximus can sense something fishy.
  • Commodus asks for Maximus' loyalty, referring to himself as emperor.
  • Maximus looks hard at him, and leaves. Quintus follows shortly thereafter.
  • Commodus is really starting to look sinister, despite the fact that he starts to cry again.
  • Lucilla enters the room (she's been around the corner this whole time), stares hard at Commodus, and then slaps him several times in the face.
  • She then acknowledges his lordship (it's the smart thing to do), kisses his ring, and gives him an almost mocking "Hail Caesar."

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