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Gladiator Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Maximus is in his tent, and tells Cicero to wake several important senators. He's getting ready, and he sends Cicero to get his sword.
  • Quintus enters and tells Maximus he just did something imprudent. Maximus is mad and doesn't careā€”he knows the emperor was murdered in cold blood.
  • Maximus suddenly notices that Quintus is armed, and he asks him why. Quintus summons some guards.
  • They restrain him, and Quintus tells them to ride until dawn and then execute him.
  • Maximus yells at him, and tells him to promise that he'll look after his family. Quintus says they'll meet him in the afterlife.
  • Maximus screams, and the scene flashes to the same scene from the beginning of the film (a view of Maximus' hand as he walks through tall grass).

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