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Gladiator Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Horses are galloping, and Maximus's being carried to the place of execution.
  • The men arrive at a secluded area. One orders Maximus to kneel.
  • Maximus starts praying as the men get ready to do the deed.
  • He asks for a clean, soldier's death. As the soldier goes to perform the execution, Maximus jerks his head back (hitting him), and grabs the sword.
  • Get it, Maximus.
  • He then knocks down the other soldier before turning and stabbing the would-be executioner.
  • He then kills the other soldier, throws his sword at another, and finally challenges the remaining soldier, who charges at him on horseback.
  • Maximus is injured in the charge, but the other guy's dead. Point one for Maximus.
  • Soon, he's in the road, riding through snow and trying to get home.
  • He tries to dress his wound, but it's bleeding, weakening him.
  • Maximus looks barely alive.

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