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Gladiator Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Softer music plays, and we see an aerial shot of a city: Rome. It looks awesome, if totally digital.
  • The adoring crowds of the arena are matched by the adoring crowds of Rome welcoming the return of Commodus, the new emperor.
  • He is in a chariot, along with his sister. He's dressed in a flashy, white outfit, and with a laurel on his head.
  • Some members of the crowd shout "Go away, you'll never rule us, Commodus," but it's hard to get this without the subtitles on.
  • The entourage reaches the senate building. Citizens and soldiers are amassed to welcome his arrival.
  • The senators (Gracchus and Falco) offer opposing opinions about Commodus.
  • Commodus walks up the steps, and is welcomed by the senators, who tell him there is much to discuss.
  • It seems that the "loyal" citizens cheering Commodus' arrival were paid to be there.

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