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Gladiator Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Lucilla is walking through a palace, and finds Commodus. He's miffed about the senate's treatment of him.
  • She tells him the Senate has its uses, but Commodus really wants to get rid of it.
  • He and Lucilla talk about the emperor's relationship to the people. Commodus doesn't understand why the people loved Marcus Aurelius and the victories in Germania when in fact those victories didn't achieve anything.
  • Lucilla explains that the people care about the "greatness of Rome." Commodus asks what that is.
  • She tells him it's an "idea," a "vision."
  • Commodus agrees, and a light bulb goes if in his head. He plans to give the people of Rome a vision of its greatness that will make them forget about the "tedious sermonizing of a few dry old men."
  • The camera shifts to a small model of the Colosseum, and Commodus puts a few small figurines inside of it.
  • Sounds like he's going to stage some gladiatorial combats.

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