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Gladiator Scene 22

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Scene 22

Scene 22

  • An aerial view of Rome pans over the Colosseum, in which we can see games taking place.
  • This seems to be what Commodus was talking about.
  • The crowd is going wild, just like they were for Maximus back in Africa.
  • Soon, we see a man holding a poster that says "Gladiatores" at the top, and "Violentia" at the bottom, as if we didn't know what was happening.
  • It's Gaius reading it, and he waltzes over to where Gracchus is sitting.
  • Gaius is unhappy, and bemoans the fact that Commodus has instituted a hundred and fifty days of games.
  • Gracchus, who seems to have been expecting this, says Commodus' is cleverer than he thought.
  • He knows that the exciting, battle-to-the-death spectacle of gladiatorial combat will allow Commodus to win the people.
  • If they're entertained with "death," he can do whatever he wants because they will love him for the games he's instituted.

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