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Gladiator Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • We're back in Africa, and people are making their way to the arena there. The crowd is shouting.
  • Maximus is sharpening his sword in an enclosed transport with other men. He walks down the line of combatants, and they all acknowledge him as "Spaniard."
  • The scene clearly recalls the first in the film, where Maximus was walking among his soldiers in Germania.
  • He enters the arena. There are five or six armed men in there. Maximus quickly dispatches all of them, stabbing the last guy with two swords.
  • Then, he takes those two swords, and decapitates the guy before throwing one sword up into the stands where the rich slave-owners hang out.
  • He screams to the crowd, twice: "Are you not entertained!?"
  • He spits, throws down the other sword, and leaves. The crowd chants "Spaniard" over and over again.

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