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Gladiator Scene 27

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Scene 27

Scene 27

  • Commodus emerges from a haze, and is leaning close to Lucilla's sleeping son, his nephew.
  • Lucilla approaches from behind, and she's a little worried it seems. The scene shifts, and she's preparing something.
  • Commodus says he will make Rome "the wonder of the ages." Lucilla gives him the drink she was preparing as he starts talking about dissolving the Senate.
  • She declines to weigh in, suggesting he rest.
  • He asks her if she will stay with him (cause that's not weird or anything), she makes a joke ("Still afraid of the dark, brother?").
  • He says he still is, and again requests she stay with him. She declines.
  • He approaches her, and then says, "Then kiss me." She kisses his forehead, and departs. The music sounds ominous.

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