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Gladiator Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • We're on the streets of Rome again, and the gladiators are headed to the Colosseum.
  • We see a bunch of guys placing bets outside the Colosseum before the scene shifts to Proximo.
  • He's haggling with a guy wearing a fancy outfit (Cassius). Proximo's guys must participate in a reenactment of the defeat of Carthage, and they are to be the barbarians.
  • Proximo is really annoyed. Carthage was a massacre, and he doesn't want to waste his best fighters.
  • If he's going to sacrifice his best, he wants double the rates (payment).
  • Cassius smiles and says he'll accept the rates he's contracted at, or he'll get his contract canceled. If he wants, he can crawl back to the "s*** hole" in Africa he just came from.
  • The scene shifts to the gladiators, who are waiting in a sort of holding pen.
  • Lucius is milling around, and notices Maximus sitting towards the back.
  • Maximus approaches, and in response to Lucius' question affirms that he is the one they call the Spaniard.
  • They chat for a bit, and Maximus, who does not yet know who the boy is, soon learn that he's Commodus' nephew, a.k.a. Lucilla's son, a.k.a. Marcus Aurelius' grandson.
  • He's a bit spooked, and falls back into the shadows as Lucius leaves.
  • As the scene ends, he's looking around, presumably for Commodus.

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