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Gladiator Scene 29

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Scene 29

Scene 29

  • We're now in the bowels of the Colosseum, and Maximus enters. There are tons of other gladiators around.
  • Maximus goes through his ritual of grabbing a hunk of dirt, and rubbing it in his hands.
  • He, and a bunch of other guys start donning helmets and grabbing gear. They're instructed what to do, and are sent into the arena.
  • Commodus enters his box, the crowd cheers, and all the gladiators, except for Maximus, salute the emperor.
  • Cassius introduces the event, a reenactment of the second fall of Carthage.
  • Maximus asks the guys if any of them have ever been in the army. Some mumbled yeses are heard.
  • Maximus takes control, and suggests they stick together so they can survive.
  • Meanwhile, the legions of Scipio Africanus enter the arena.
  • Note: they're not really the legions of Scipio, just other gladiators.
  • The "legions" ride around in small chariots and shoot arrows as Proximo's men, although Maximus gets them in formation so they can try to fend off the attack.
  • They are able to avoid getting hurt by several passes of a chariot, and then eventually knock one of them over.
  • The tide starts to turn. One of the guys in the chariots is taken out by a spear thrown by a gladiator.
  • Hagen is hit with an arrow, and Maximus pushes him out of the way before a chariot can run him down (it ends up chopping another charioteer in half).
  • Chaos starts to ensure.
  • Another chariot tries to escape, and crashes in the tunnel. Another one crashes after that.
  • Maximus directs some guys to handle the crashed chariot, while he grabs a horse and chases down some others.
  • He kills a guy with a spear before Juba tosses him a sword. He squares off against the remaining chariot, and kills one guy while his troops finish off two other guys.
  • Proximo's ecstatic, and so is the crowd.
  • Maximus ditches his sword, and grabs a spear.
  • Meanwhile, Commodus tells Cassius that his history's a little hazy, but recalls that the barbarians are supposed to lose the Battle of Carthage.
  • Cassius's a little nervous as things weren't supposed to go this way.
  • He inquires about Maximus, and Cassius tells him he's called the Spaniard.
  • Commodus decides he'll go meet him. Maximus drops the spear he was holding, and it seems he was going to use it on Commodus.
  • The Praetorians enter the arena and order the gladiators to drop their weapons.
  • Commodus enters amidst a mixture of jeers and cheers.
  • Maximus kneels, and grabs the tip of an arrow. Commodus tells him to rise.
  • Lucius shows up in the meantime, and Commodus asks Maximums to take his mask off and tell everybody his real name.
  • His reply is curt: "My name is gladiator." He turns around and walks away, which irritates Commodus, who demands to know his name again.
  • Maximus, whose back is still to Commodus, complies. He takes off his helmet, and turns around.
  • He tells Commodus who he is, tossing in plenty of insults (he calls Marcus Aurelius the true emperor, for example).
  • Commodus's shocked, especially since Maximus also vows to have his vengeance.
  • The Praetorians move towards Maximus, but his gladiator pals step in front of him to block their passage.
  • The crowd chants, "Live, Live, Live" over and over again, and Commodus knows that he has to comply with their wishes in order to remain popular.
  • He allows Maximus to live, much to the crowd's delight.
  • Commodus leaves, the crowd continues cheering, and Maximus salutes them as the main theme starts playing.
  • Seems like Maximus has won the crowd…or is well on his way to winning it.
  • The gladiators take a primitive elevator into the bowels of the Colosseum. Tons of other gladiators are shouting his name: "Maximus, Maximus, Maximus."

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