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Gladiator Scene 36

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Scene 36

Scene 36

  • The emperor's palace: Commodus is walking and complaining that the crowd loves Maximus for his mercy.
  • It sounds like he's been sniveling.
  • He realizes he can't kill Maximus. He wants to look merciful. He's frustrated.
  • Senator Falco (David Schofield), who's sitting there, says every one of Maximus' victory is an act of defiance, and it's make the mob and the Senate bolder by the day.
  • He tells Commodus to kill Maximus. Commodus won't because he doesn't want to make a martyr of him.
  • Falco thinks for a moment, and then starts talking about a "certain sea snake" that has a very "unusual method" of attracting prey.
  • It lies still, and lets its enemies approach and take little nibbles out of it, and yet, it remains still.
  • Commodus sees the logic: he (and Falco) will lie still and let their enemies come to them.
  • He orders every senator followed.
  • Lucilla has been approaching from another room, and she hears Commodus' last remark.

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