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Gladiator Scene 39

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Scene 39

Scene 39

  • Proximo enters, with Maximus in tow. Lucilla's voice comes from off screen: "Leave us."
  • Proximo exits, and then Lucilla ushers in Senator Gracchus.
  • He says his presence is evidence that he (Maximus) can trust him. Gracchus can speak for the Senate.
  • Maximus suggests Gracchus free him, and somehow get him outside the city walls so he can get to Ostia, where his army is.
  • He will return with an army of 5,000 men within a matter of days.
  • "This is madness," Gracchus exclaims. He will not trade one dictatorship for another.
  • Maximus tells him the time for half measures is over.
  • Gracchus is still incredulous, and asks Maximus what will happen next? Will he just leave?
  • Maximus says he'll leave and hand the army over to the Senate. Gracchus still can't believe somebody would take over Rome and just hand it "back to the people."
  • He asks him why he will do that.
  • "Because that was the last wish of a dying man," Maximus responds. The "dying man" is Marcus Aurelius, of course.
  • Maximus says he will kill Commodus, and leave the fate of Rome to Gracchus.
  • Gracchus concludes by saying since Marcus Aurelius and his daughter both trust Maximus, he will trust him as well.
  • He needs two days, and then he can buy Maximus' freedom. In the meantime, he (Maximus) needs to stay alive. Otherwise, Gracchus will be dead.
  • He and Lucilla depart.

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