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Gladiator Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Back at the front Maximus pulls a sword out of a tree. Marcus Aurelius approaches.
  • They talk for a bit, and it's clear Marcus Aurelius very much respects Maximus, whom he calls "Rome's greatest general."
  • Suddenly, the music changes to something that should accompany an ominous march.
  • Commodus shows up at the head of a group of horsemen.
  • The Roman soldiers start cheering at something (likely Maximus, as Marcus Aurelius says).
  • Commodus runs up, asking if he's missed the battle. Actually, he's missed the war, his father tells him.
  • Commodus congratulates Maximums, and then tries to help his father. He really seems to be kissing up to his dear old dad.
  • Marcus Aurelius starts to walk away with Commodus, and then decides it's time for him to leave…which he does just as soon as Maximus adjusts his horse's saddle.

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