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Gladiator Scene 43

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Scene 43

Scene 43

  • It's nighttime, and a group of hooded figures with torches are approaching a building.
  • Inside the building Maximus is sleeping. Proximo comes in, and tells Juba to get out.
  • Proximo tells him congratulations. He (Maximus) has "very persuasive friends." Sounds like Maximus has gotten his freedom.
  • Lucilla enters, and tells Maximus that Gracchus has been arrested. They "must leave" that night.
  • Lucilla's risking a lot, Maximus says, and she responds by saying she has a lot to pay for.
  • She's tired of being strong (i.e. putting up with Commodus). Commodus hates everything, especially Maximus.
  • This is because Marcus Aurelius loved Maximus, and so did Lucilla.
  • They talk about their past as Maximus touches her face, and Maximus says she used to laugh more.
  • She says she's felt alone all her life, except with Maximus. She must leave.
  • They have a long, passionate kiss before she leaves.

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