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Gladiator Scene 45

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Scene 45

Scene 45

  • It's nighttime outside the gladiator barracks. Roman soldiers come around the corner.
  • The scene shifts, and we see a snake put in one senator's bed.
  • Then, we're back to the soldiers running somewhere, and then we see the snake approach closer to the senator.
  • Then, we see Maximus gathering his figurines by candlelight. The soldiers arrive, and yell at Proximo to open the gates in the name of the Emperor.
  • Proximo takes his time, and starts walking somewhere with the keys.
  • He goes to Maximus, gives him the keys, and says, "It seems you have won your freedom." Maximus asks him if he's in danger of becoming a good man.
  • He scoffs, and walks away. He does not let the praetorians in.
  • Maximus gets out of his cell while Juba releases the other gladiators. They all assemble, and Maximus says he only needs a few moments.
  • If they don't want to participate, they can go back to their cells. Meanwhile, the praetorians have broken down the gates and entered.
  • Like the Romans at the beginning of the film, the gladiators all say "strength and honor," as does Maximus.
  • A battle between gladiators and praetorians ensues as Maximus escapes.
  • The scene shifts to Proximo, who is examining the sword given to him by Marcus Aurelius.
  • The praetorians enter, and while he has his back to them he says, "shadows and dust."
  • They all stab him.
  • Maximus enters a sewer or tunnel, finds his armor, and proceeds on his escape route.
  • The gladiators fight relentlessly. Hagen is shot with about ten arrows, and expires.
  • Meanwhile, Maximus emerges outside the city walls. He sees a horse.
  • He cautiously approaches. It's Cicero.
  • Cicero shouts "Maximus!" before the horse flees, and Cicero is hung.
  • A noose had been tied around his neck already.
  • Maximus rushes to save him, but arrows are fired into him. Cicero apologizes.
  • Roman soldiers approach from all sides. Maximus' plan has been foiled.
  • The music builds and builds until the scene immediately shifts to a view of the Colosseum at dawn.
  • The night's turmoil has ended.

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