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Gladiator Scene 46

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Scene 46

Scene 46

  • Commodus is watching the sunrise. Senator Falco approaches and tells him "It's done."
  • Commodus turns, and asks if his sister and nephew should share Maximus' fate, or if he should be merciful.
  • He toys with the idea of being called "Commodus the merciful." This is ironic because earlier, when Maximus had refused to kill Tigris of Gaul, somebody in the crowd had shouted "Maximus the merciful."
  • Commodus turns, and walks a little ways. Lucius will stay with him. If Lucilla looks at him in a way he doesn't like, Lucius will die.
  • The camera turns. Lucilla is sitting there, her face awash in tears.
  • Commodus continues by saying if she decides to be noble and kill herself, Lucius will die.
  • Then comes the kicker: Lucilla will "love" Commodus the way he wants and "provideā€¦an heir of pure blood."
  • He asks if he is merciful, touches her face, and then gets closer. Her face is covered in tears.
  • He leans in to kiss her, she turns away, and then he screams in her face: "Am I not merciful?"
  • She's frightened and crying.

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