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Gladiator Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Nighttime. Fires are burning, and the Roman army is celebrating.
  • Maximus enters a tent, and washes his hands in some strange looking water (it has flowers or something like that in it, so it's probably fragrant).
  • Maximus chats it up with Quintus and Valerius (an old friend of sorts).
  • Commodus shows up, and introduces Maximus to two senators, all while making a few snide comments on about republican government (as opposed to an empire).
  • As they are walking, Lucilla (Commodus' sister) is eyeing Maximus from behind a curtain. She's clearly got the hots for him.
  • Commodus is talking to Maximus about how he'll need a guy like Maximus around when he becomes emperor.
  • Maximus tells Commodus, as he has told several others already, that he plans to return home to his wife, son, and the harvest.
  • Marcus Aurelius arrives. Commodus tells Maximus that Lucilla is there as well, and that she hasn't forgotten Maximus.
  • Hmm, sounds like Maximus and Lucilla may have had a fling at one time or another.
  • Marcus Aurelius enters a tent, and sees Lucilla watching Maximus. He praises his daughter, telling her she would have made a great emperor.
  • He tells Lucilla that he needs her help with Commodus, and that he (Commodus) will need her now more than ever.
  • Alert, alert, alert, sounds like a big announcement is coming.
  • Marcus Aurelius changes the subject, and they smile at each other as the scene ends.

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