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Gladiator Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Maximus leaves the tent, and bumps into Lucilla.
  • She makes a few snide comments about how Marcus Aurelius favors Maximus now.
  • Maximus tries to leave, but Lucilla stops him. She can tell something is up.
  • She asks him point blank what her father wanted with him, and Maximus gives her a bogus answer.
  • She's not buying it. They banter some more, and there definitely seems to be some bitterness.
  • It's almost like they had a relationship in the past, but it's not quite clear just what the deal is between these two.
  • Lucilla asks Maximus if he'll serve Commodus as he has served Marcus Aurelius. Maximus says he will always serve Rome.
  • After some more small talk (about Lucilla and Maximus' respective children), Maximus departs.

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