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Good Will Hunting Fandoms

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Good Will Hunting enjoys one of the most devoted group of fans you'll ever meet, and a lot of this has to do with how hard people were hit by the suicide of Robin Williams back in August of 2014. (A moment of silence, please. That man was brilliant.)

Fans of Williams and Good Will Hunting made sure to stop by the bench in Boston where Sean Maguire made his famous speech to Will about how he needs to live life firsthand. But the fans didn't just visit—they left flowers and wrote classic lines from the movie in chalk on the asphalt next to the bench.

This is just one of the many stories that tell us how much people really love this movie and its actors—especially folks from Beantown.

It's not just Robin Williams who brings people back to Good Will Hunting over and over. It's the movie's cowriter and star, Matt Damon, whose own fan sites still tend to gush about this movie more than fifteen years after its debut.

And yeah, they also like to talk about the fake "sex scene" that Damon and Affleck put into the movie's script just to see whether any of the movie execs had actually read the thing. (They totally did read it.)

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