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Good Will Hunting Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • The movie opens with some orchestra music and singing, along with a kaleidoscopic image of some books and math equations.
  • (And if books and math don't get you psyched for this movie, don't worry. There's plenty of both, butt there's also bar fights and romance.)
  • Now we see a guy (Will Hunting) reading books inside a really bare-looking apartment. The camera jumps to a blue car pulling up outside. Will's friend Chuckie comes to the door and picks him up.
  • We flash to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where a math professor named Gerald Lambeau is finishing up a lecture.
  • He tells the students that he's put a very advanced math equation on the chalkboard in the hallway. He hopes that someone will be able to prove the equation by the end of the semester.
  • Former people who've won this contest have gone on to be some of the best math minds in the world.
  • Flash back to Will Hunting, who works as a janitor at the school. He passes the chalkboard in the hallway and sees the professor's equation, looking around a few times.
  • Will has a drink at the bar with his buddy Chuckie that night, but he leaves early to go home and work on the prof's math problem on his apartment's bathroom mirror.
  • While buffing the floors at MIT one day, Will grabs a piece of chalk and writes out an answer for the prof's equation.
  • Will and Chuckie hang out at some batting cages. Chuckie tells Will they should go hang out around Harvard on one of the coming weekends.
  • Will agrees, though he doesn't' know why they'd bother going.

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