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Good Will Hunting Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Will is surprised to see Maguire at their next meeting. Maguire grabs him and takes him to a park to look at some birds.
  • He says he's been thinking about what Will said to him about his wife in their last meeting. He tells Will that he's just a kid who doesn't know what he's talking about.
  • He reminds Will that even though he's read a lot of books, there are a lot of things he's never even experienced firsthand, like watching a friend die in a war or seeing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
  • Well, these are both things that Maguire has seen firsthand.
  • Maguire closes by talking about watching his wife die in a hospital and saying that Will has never known true loss because this can only happen when you love something more than yourself.
  • The scene flashes to Will getting picked up in the morning by Chuckie. They go to work together to do some demolition.
  • That night, Will calls Skylar and hangs up before talking to her.

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