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Good Will Hunting Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • In his next therapy session, Will asks Maguire if he regrets ever meeting his wife because of the pain it's caused him in the long run. But Maguire says he doesn't regret a single day he spent with her.
  • Will then asks Maguire when he knew his wife was the one, and Maguire answers by naming the exact day. It was the day Carlton Fisk hit his famous homerun for the Boston Red Sox in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series.
  • Well on this day in 1975, Maguire and his buddies had slept on a sidewalk all night to get tickets. But Maguire ended up not going because he stayed with his future wife at a bar instead.
  • Flash to Will and Skylar in bed together. Skylar asks why she's never seen Will's place. She wants to meet his friends and brothers, but he keeps changing the subject. Skylar finally says she won't sleep with him again until she meets his friends.
  • Flash to Will and Skylar hanging with Will's buddies and getting drunk in a bar. Chuckie tells a story about his drunk uncle stealing a police car.
  • When it comes time for Skylar to tell a story, she tells a really raunchy story that gets all the guys laughing.
  • The gang leaves the bar and say their goodbyes. But before Will can get away with Skylar, Chuckie talks about how Will lives alone, thus contradicting the lie he told Skylar about living with three of his many brothers.
  • Will bustles Skylar into the car and drives away without answering any questions.

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