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Good Will Hunting Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Will sits around drinking beers with his buddies before going to a job interview with the NSA, or National Security Agency. He cuts to the chase and says that he knows he's being recruited to become a code-breaker.
  • When asked why he wouldn't work for the NSA, Will goes off on a huge rant about how his work with them would directly lead to tons of people getting hurt.
  • By the time he's finished the speech, we find that he's transitioned into Maguire's office, where he's giving the same spiel.
  • When Will's done, Maguire asks him if he feels alone. He asks if he has any soulmates. When Will starts listing famous writers and thinkers, Maguire says that these people don't count because Will can't give back to them.
  • Maguire tries to get Will to talk about what he wants to do, but Will just gives him joke answers. So Maguire chucks him right out of his office. The truth is that Will has no clue what he wants to do.
  • Will goes off and immediately calls Skylar from a payphone to patch things up before she leaves. She tells him she loves him again, but he still can't say it back.
  • Next thing we know, Skylar gets on a plane and leaves while Will sits on a bench somewhere far off.

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