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Good Will Hunting Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Will heads back to swing a sledgehammer at work. Meanwhile, Lambeau goes to Maguire's office and calls Maguire to ask why neither he nor Will are there for their scheduled meeting.
  • Lambeau threatens to send Will back to prison if he doesn't smarten up.
  • During a lunch break, Chuckie asks Will what Skylar is up to, and Will says she's gone to California for med school.
  • Chuckie asks Will what he's going to do about the jobs he's being offered. Will says he doesn't want any of them, but Chuckie tells him he's stupid for not using his gift. Chuckie has no interest in Will sticking around. He thinks Will owes it to him to try to do something with his gifts. Chuckie ends by saying that some day, he hopes he'll come to Will's house and Will won't be there.
  • Back at Maguire's office, Lambeau gives Maguire the gears about the direction Will is heading in. Maguire tries to explain how Will has deep-seated abandonment issues, but Lambeau thinks it's all just a bunch of nonsense.
  • Finally, the two blow up at each other. Lambeau accuses Maguire of being a mediocre loser who's trying to make Will feel like it's okay to fail.
  • Maguire shoots back by saying that Lambeau is just a condescending jerk who has no clue what real success is in human terms.
  • Meanwhile, Will shows up outside the office door and hears everything Maguire and Lambeau are saying. Finally, they see him at the door and Lambeau leaves.
  • When Will comes in, he notices that Maguire has his case file from when he was just a kid. The file includes photos of the injuries Will got in foster care.
  • He asks Maguire if he has any personal experience of childhood abuse and Maguire says he does. His father was a mean drunk who used to beat him.
  • When he's done, Maguire turns to Will and repeats, "It's not your fault" to him over and over. At first, Will brushes it off, but the more Maguire says it, the more Will breaks down. Will tries to shove him away, but Maguire just keeps coming at him until they hug and Will sobs on him.

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