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Good Will Hunting Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Back in the math classroom, Professor Lambeau speaks to an overflowing crowd and asks who solved his math problem.
  • No one steps forward, so he tells the room that he and his fellow professors have written another problem on the chalkboard that it took them nearly two years to solve. Now he's really saying, "Let's see what you've got, mystery math person."
  • Back at the police station, we see Will coming down the steps toward Chuckie's car. Chuckie asks when his arraignment is and he says it's the following week. It looks like Will is going to be in some legal trouble.
  • Now we flash to the university, where Professor Lambeau comes out of a classroom and sees Will writing some stuff on the chalkboard.
  • He approaches Will and tells him not to write graffiti over other people's work. Will swears at him and walks off.
  • After Will disappears, Lambeau walks back to the chalkboard and realizes that Will has solved his world-class math problem.

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