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Good Will Hunting Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Will and his friends are walking at night. One of the guys asks Will why he got fired from his janitor job and why he can never hold down decent work. They jaw at each other for a while before heading into a bar.
  • Inside, one of the guys mentions that it's a Harvard bar, so it looks like they've taken their trip up to the university and the bars around it.
  • Up at the bar, Chuckie looks across the room and sees some women he wants to talk to. So he heads over to say hi.
  • He makes some stuff up about going to Harvard and being in one of the girls' classes. Another rich-looking guy walks over and asks what class it was.
  • He asks a few more questions before exposing Chuckie's lie and embarrassing him. By this time, more people have gathered around.
  • One of the girls tells the rich-looking guy to go away, but he tells her to shut up.
  • He then brings up an insanely obscure economics topic to make Chuckie feel like even more of an idiot.
  • At this point, Will steps in and reveals the fact that he knows way more about economics than this guy. He even calls him out for all the stuff he's plagiarized from the books he's read. Eventually, the guy hangs his head and walks off.
  • Later in the night, one of the girls from earlier comes over to Will and calls him an idiot. She says she's been waiting for him to come talk to her for forty-five minutes, and now she has to go home because she's tired.
  • She introduces herself as Skylar and Will introduces himself. Before she goes, she gives him her number and says she'd like to go for coffee sometime.
  • Will and his buddies leave and see the jerk from earlier in a donut store window. Will walks over and shouts at them through the window, "Do you like apples?"
  • When the guy nods, Will slams Skylar's phone number against the window and says, "Well I got her number. How do you like them apples?"

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