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Good Will Hunting Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Professor Lambeau visits the buildings and ground maintenance office at MIT and asks around for Will, although he doesn't know his name yet so he just vaguely describes him.
  • The guy at the building tells Lambeau that Will didn't show up for work that day.
  • He also reveals that Will got this job through his parole officer and gives Lambeau a stub with Will's contact info on it.
  • Next thing you know, Lambeau is in a court room watching Will cite every book imaginable in stating his defense against the charge of assaulting a police officer.
  • He also listens as the judge reads out a list of all his crimes and the foster homes he lived in. We also find out he dealt with a lot of abuse growing up, but the judge doesn't care.
  • In his eyes, Will hit a cop and that means he's going to jail. The judge sets the bail at fifty grand.
  • From prison, Will calls up Skylar at Harvard and asks her to get together sometime that week. He also makes sure to ask whether Skylar has taken any legal studies at Harvard.
  • An officer takes Will into a room to meet with Professor Lambeau, who says he's spoken to the judge.
  • Will can be released under Lambeau's supervision on two conditions. The first is that he will meet with Lambeau every week to discuss math and the second is that he'll go to therapy. Will refuses the therapy at first, but then gives in.

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