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Goodfellas Fandoms

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The wiseguys in Goodfellas may be totally old school, but that doesn't mean the film's fans can't pay their Sicilian-style tribute to Paulie, Henry, and all of the rest online. They're everywhere:

  • Goodfellas Minute
    The podcast for Goodfellas fans with short attention spans—we're looking at you, Sandy—Goodfellas Minute analyzes the 1990 film one marvelous minute at a time. New episodes are released every weekday.
  • The New York Bars and Restaurants of Goodfellas
    Movie buffs with a healthy appetite for all things Goodfellas can eat, drink, and be merry at the bars and restaurants where the film was shot courtesy of this Eater guide. Be forewarned, though: tipping like a mobster is a good way to go broke.
  • Fanpop's Goodfellas site
    Here, fans are given a chance to upload some pretty out-there videos, with dogs and Legos standing in for the wiseguys. They didn't clean up the language though, so be prepared.

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