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Goodfellas Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

Karen Loses Her Marbles, Spider Loses His Life

  • Henry, Jimmy, and Tommy are boozing and playing cards with a bunch of other wiseguys. A kid named Spider waits on them.
  • When Spider doesn't get Tommy a drink fast enough, Tommy starts waving his gun around, making fun of him, commanding him to dance like an old-time cowboy. Then, he accidentally shoots him in the foot. Yee-haw!
  • Back at Henry's house, Karen suspects Henry of cheating and throws his car keys out the window. Then, she tells him to hit the bricks.
  • Cut to another card game. Spider has got a cast on his foot. Tommy mocks him again.
  • When Spider stands up for himself, everybody has a hearty laugh. Jimmy throws him some money. Then, Tommy shoots Spider in the chest several times, killing him. Everybody stops laughing.
  • Jimmy tells Tommy he has to dig the hole for Spider. Tommy doesn't care. He's dug holes before.
  • Cut to Karen at Janice's apartment building. We're pretty sure she's not there to borrow a cup of sugar. Oh, and she's brought her kids. Great.
  • Karen buzzes Janice's pad, and Janice hangs up on her. While Janice sits on her couch, listening and looking mega-stressed, Karen threatens her over the intercom. Then, she calls the super because she wants him to know he has "a whore living in 2R." Her daughters add a new word to their vocabularies.
  • Cut to Karen holding a gun up to a sleeping Henry's face. We see it from Henry's perspective, looking down the barrel of the gun.
  • Henry talks Karen down, promising that he loves her. Then he flips the script—and Karen—and grabs the gun. He points it at her and asks her how it feels. She screams an apology. These two need Marriage Boot Camp, STAT.
  • Back at Janice's apartment, Paulie and Jimmy drop by to see Henry. Bad news, Henry: Paulie says you have to go back to Karen. But first, he's going to send you on a job in sunny Tampa, Florida.

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