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Goodfellas Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

The Incarcerated Gourmets

  • Time stamp: Tampa, Florida: Two Days Later.
  • Henry and Jimmy are beating up a guy over money he owes Paulie. They drive him into Tampa's city zoo and threaten to feed him to the lions. He agrees to pony up the cash.
  • Henry returns to New York to find out he and his pals are all over the news. The guy they beat up and dangled in front of Mufasa? His sister is a typist for the FBI. She gave everybody up. Even her brother.
  • Henry and Jimmy get sentenced to 10 years in jail.
  • Henry says his goodbyes to Karen, hops in a car, pops a couple of pills, and orders the driver to take him to jail.
  • Cut to the slammer. It looks less like jail and more like a college dorm room. Paulie is there, serving time for contempt. Vinnie and Johnny are in the (big) house, too. But not Jimmy; he's serving his time in Atlanta.
  • Henry and his fellow wiseguys have very intricate and, from the looks of it, delicious meals. Everybody has a job. Paulie, for example, slices the garlic with a razor. See? Intricate.
  • Henry explains that they owned the joint. They could do whatever they wanted, even in prison. How? Bribes.
  • Henry brings in big loads of groceries. And drugs. Then, we see him bribe another guard.
  • Karen and the kids show up for visiting day. She spots Janice on the register and makes a scene, throwing all of the contraband she'd smuggled into the slammer in her puffy coat on the table. Oh, look! Are those more pills?
  • Nobody is helping her, Karen says. Henry tells her they're on their own right now. Paulie is on parole, so going back to jail? Paulie is trying not to do that. Also? Don't let him hear about the drugs.

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