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Goodfellas Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

Just Say No

  • Time stamp: Four Years Later.
  • Henry gets released from jail. Karen picks him up and brings him home. His daughters are stoked. Henry? Not so much. He hates the house. They're going to move, pronto.
  • Cut to a party at Paulie's. Paulie takes Henry out in the backyard, one on one, and tells him to get out of the drug game. That's some nasty stuff, and he doesn't want to be made a fool of.
  • Paulie also tells Henry to be careful around Jimmy and Tommy since they're both hotheads. They're nice, sure, but they're totally nutso.
  • Then, he repeats his demand that Henry leave drugs alone. Paulie doesn't want to go out like that, dying as an old man in prison. He slaps Henry for emphasis.
  • When Henry says he'll stop, we almost believe him. Almost.
  • Cut to Sandy—Janice's friend who we saw Henry flirting with—and Henry shifting mountains of white powder around. So much for Paulie's slap-happy speech. Also, so much for Janice.
  • Henry asks Jimmy and Tommy to help him move the drugs behind Paulie's back.

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