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Goodfellas Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

The Biggest Heist in American History

  • Karen shows off her new house to Morrie and his wife. It's wicked extravagant. We're talking entertainment-center-hidden-behind-a-secret-wall-like-a-supervillain's-lair extravagant.
  • Henry and Morrie discuss another caper. Jimmy is in on it, too.
  • So, what is it? Only the biggest heist in history: The Lufthansa heist.
  • Check it out, Shmooper: The Lufthansa heist really happened. At the time, the December 1978 job was the largest robbery ever on American soil.
  • It turns out the whole gang is in on the heist. Tommy, Frank, Frenchy, some new dude named Stacks, even Henry and Karen's old babysitter, Lois. Everybody.
  • Over at Sandy's apartment, Henry and Sandy prep their cocaine stash. Sandy is high. She refuses to use the dishwasher Henry bought her because it'll ruin her nails, but she's got a ton of candles lit. So that's safe.
  • In the shower, Henry hears on the radio that the Lufthansa heist was a success. Like a $4 million to $5 million success, according to the reporter. Henry is ecstatic.

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