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Goodfellas Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

Jimmy's Yuletide Rampage

  • It's Christmas time. Everybody is at the bar, and they're in exceptionally high spirits. Stealing several million dollars will do that to you, we guess.
  • Jimmy gets nervous—and angry—when he finds out that Johnny Roastbeef bought his wife a shiny new car.
  • Enter Frank and his wife. She's wearing a new mink coat. Jimmy is once again unhappy, and he orders Frank to return it. All of these flashy gifts might draw the attention of the authorities who are trying to find the perpetrators of the Lufthansa job.
  • After spotting the car and the mink, Morrie corners Jimmy and tells him he needs his cut. This is just not Jimmy's night.
  • In the back room, Jimmy gives Henry his cut. He tells him not to be a moron about it like Johnny Roastbeef and Frank.
  • Cut to Henry coming home with the most expensive Christmas tree he could find. Their daughters gush over their Christmas gifts, and Henry gives Karen a bunch of cash.
  • Tommy and Frank show up at Stacks' apartment, waking him up. He overslept. Tommy shoots him in the back of the head. Worst. Christmas. Ever.
  • After the murder, Henry explains that Stacks messed up. He was supposed to get rid of the truck after the Lufthansa heist but got stoned instead. The authorities found the truck, and it was all over the news.
  • Back at the bar, Henry asks Jimmy about Stacks. Chiefly, where the heck is he? Jimmy and Tommy tell him not to worry about it.
  • Plus, there's bigger news: Tommy is going to become a made man.
  • Morrie once again tries to get his money from Jimmy. Jimmy ignores him, and Henry tries to calm Morrie down, assuring him that he'll definitely get his cut. It works, and Morrie chills out. For now.
  • Jimmy starts getting paranoid, and Henry tells us that that's when he knew Jimmy was going to whack Morrie. Still, Henry is going to try to talk Jimmy out of it. Good luck, pal. Paulie told you he was nuts.
  • At a card game later that day, Jimmy tells Henry he's not going to kill Morrie after all.
  • Cut to Jimmy and Morrie talking in an alley. Morrie once again brings up the money. They hop in a car with Tommy and Frank, and Tommy promptly stabs Morrie in the back of the neck, killing him. Then, he and Frank leave to chop up Morrie. We hope you're not reading this while eating lunch.
  • Morrie's wife, Belle, shows up at Henry and Karen's house, concerned about her MIA husband.
  • Henry meets Jimmy at a diner. Jimmy tells Henry not to worry about Morrie. They part ways, but not before Jimmy taunts a car of Feds. This guy is a loose cannon.
  • Time for a grisly montage. Jimmy has whacked just about everybody that was involved in the Lufthansa heist. There's Johnny Roastbeef and Mrs. Roastbeef, dead in the front seat of their new car. Frenchy, the Air France security guard. Frank, the coffee-to-go guy. They're all dead.

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