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Goodfellas Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

The Sunshine State … of Death

  • We get a title card that simply says, "The Aftermath."
  • Henry and his accomplices, like Lois and Sandy, get hauled into the police station. Turns out that helicopter wasn't the local police, as Henry assumed; it was full of narcs.
  • The detectives unpack Henry's drug-making supplies and taste the residue. Henry is stone-cold busted. The cops revel in it and mock him.
  • Karen visits Henry in lock-up. He pleads with her to bail him out, and she does with the help of—here's a surprise—her parents.
  • Back at the house, Henry is shocked and dismayed to find that Karen flushed his stash. That was all they had. Henry yells. Karen cries. Then, Henry cries. Then, they cry together in a ball on the floor until they fall asleep.
  • Henry goes to Paulie and begs for forgiveness. He's got nowhere else to go.
  • Paulie gives Henry a wad of cash. Then, he tells him that he has to turn his back on him.
  • Back at home, Henry tells Karen they absolutely, positively have to go on the run. If they stick around there, they're dead.
  • Karen meets with Jimmy, unbeknownst to Henry. He gives her some money and wants to know if anybody has been asking questions. Then, he tells her to go to the store on the corner and pick out something nice for her mom.
  • As Karen walks down the street, Jimmy directs her toward the shop. She gets nervous, fearing that it's a trap. The block looks super shady, and Karen backs away. She dashes to her car, saying she'll come back later. She's not gonna come back later.
  • When Karen returns home to Henry, all sorts of upset, she tells him it's NBD and she just got scared.
  • Henry meets with Jimmy in a crowded diner they both know. He's afraid he's going to get whacked. Jimmy is jumpy. Henry worries that Jimmy thinks he's going to rat him out to save his own butt on the drug charges.
  • Jimmy asks Henry to go to Florida to help on a job. Henry says OK, but he realizes that if he goes to Florida, he'll never come back alive.

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